100 balloons released in Dubai for breast cancer awareness

100 balloons released in Dubai for breast cancer awareness

100 balloons released in Dubai for breast cancer awareness

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Dubai, UAE: One hundred pink balloons carrying 150 messages of hope and love to survivors as well as victims of breast cancer were released into Dubai’s sky yesterday, from the Dubai Ladies Club.

The “Balloons of Hope” initiative, organised by the DLC and Dubai Ladies Establishment, is dedicated to patients, survivors and those who have lost the brutal battle of breast cancer.

Dina Abbass, operations manager at DLC and the person behind Balloons of Hope, said: “It was a personal thing; my mum had passed away from cancer nine years ago.”

Every year in October the DLC holds various breast cancer awareness events, including fundraisers and activities. “We bring people from health care to raise the awareness. This year we wanted it to be a personal thing. It was just a simple gesture to share with everybody.” Dina said.

“Everyone has a story and we wanted all to share the same story and the same messages to our beloved ones that have passed away.”

Pam P., part of the team that worked on the campaign, said she personally believes in raising awareness against cancer in general.
Pam’s mum was diagnosed around eight years ago with cervical cancer, but she recovered.

She said that the balloons show that “there are people out there around the world that would like to help and that support this cause.

We need to connect to those people who feel alone and do not have enough courage or strength or financial ability to fight against cancer.”

She noted that there are a lot of foundations that are supporting people affected by breast cancer.

“Releasing a balloon is done around the world to signify putting something out there in the world.” Pam said that the message would not be read, as they are not supposed to be read, but they are out in the world.

“Balloons symbolise release and hope; and I invite members and non-members alike to take part and experience this,” she said.
The message can mean different things to different women. They might be dedicated to someone who has passed away, or even symbolise the casting out of bad cancer memories.

Maitha Shuaib, part of Dubai Women Establishment, she said that the balloons were a new way to raise awareness, as the ideas have been over used.

She said that releasing a balloon into the sky feels good and that, “when you look at the sky you feel hope and that there is always hope.”

Maitha added that women should undergo annual check-ups, to catch the disease early.

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