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Drs. Nicolas and Asp, Dubai Marina

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Since its inception till today, Drs. Nicolas & Asp has focused exclusively on real Patient Care reflected in our practiced motto “Caring is our Concern”. We thrive at attracting Caring, Charismatic, Highly Experienced Clinicians, Hand Picked from the Four Corners of the Planet. It is through the genuine care and devotion of our entire clinical and non clinical staff that Drs. Nicolas & Asp has continuously served the Dental, Medical and Esthetic needs of local and expatriate families for more than 20 years. It is through the valuable feedback of each and every one of you that we are continuously improving our standards of Care, upgrading our services offering and identifying our geographical locations. Drs. Nicolas & Asp with its International Team of Clinicians has been rewarded by the Accreditation of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. It is a seal on our quality of Care being at par with modern international practices.

Drs. Nicolas and Asp, Dubai Marina


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I heard a lot about pain when/and after getting your wisdom teeth removed, but I’m starting to feel like I’m the exception. I had my wisdom teeth removed on last month. Surprisingly left with barely any pain. Very appreciative of the quality of work done and was delighted to know that my insurance would cover it :)

January, 2012

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