Dubai London Clinic, Jumeirah

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Dubai London Clinic was established with the view of improving the health of a community by setting the standard of excellence in patient care.We are dedicated to providing quality, patient focused, cost effective healthcare. Our vision is to become Dubai’s leading community healthcare centre by implementing innovative practices. Strategically located in different areas within Dubai, Dubai London Clinic has made affordable quality healthcare available to different communities within this large metropolitan city. Having established a patient centred environment, clients are given the care, respect and attention which they deserve.

Dubai London Clinic, Jumeirah


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I was very impressed with the clinic. I was going to check around in different clinics before i made up my mind, but the minute i walked in the door and saw the reception. I met the dentist and he checked my teeth and after an xray, which came up on the computer screen infront of me, we could see my teeth were in perfect condition, all i needed was to have them whitened. I decided there and then to go ahead and just over 1 hour later my teeth were much whiter than when i went in. I was really impressed with their efficiency and speed of everything and would highly recommend them.

(January, 2012)

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