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Mediclinic City Hospital

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Mediclinic City Hospital was the first multi-disciplinary hospital in Dubai Healthcare City. As a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, it has continued to dominate Dubai’s healthcare landscape in terms of the quality of its medical staff, the breadth of services it offers and the standard of equipment it operates.

With 226 beds, Mediclinic City Hospital offers specialist-based treatment in breast surgery, cardiac surgery, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, nuclear medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics and neonatology,pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, urology ,vascular surgery.

Activities & Expertise : breast surgery,cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, sports medicine,urology, vascular surgery,paediatrics, neonatology, pulmonology, nuclear medicine, neurology,obstetrics, gynaecology, laparoscopic surgery, minimal invasive surgery, nephrology, radiology, laboratory, rehabilitation

Mediclinic City Hospital


How was your Experience?

Proud Mother

Dr. Anne Phillip is fantastic. She made me feel very comfortable. From the get go I was sure I was in safe hands. She came across as a very ‘personal’ doctor and always puts
my mind at ease. She’s very supportive and even has her phone available for her patients to get in touch which I really appreciated.

November, 2013
Yasmine T.

I delivered my daughter here last February. 5 stars for the nurses in the delivery ward, just an outstanding team. From the time we checked-in, the entire experience was very comforting, had a detailed explanation of what the doctor would do step-by-step, then got my epidural and delivered an hour later. Stayed at the hospital for several hours and was then discharged the morning after. Thanks to City Hospital and their awesome team!

November, 2012
Proud Mama

I recommend Dr. Britt Clausson from City Hospital. She delivered my big baby a few months ago, and she was amazing! I only had a few stitches! She was very supportive before and during the delivery. She came to check on me every other hour when I was in labor!! love her!

July, 2012

5 stars to the City Hospital Dubai. A well-rounded healthcare facility with a highly proficient team of doctors on duty. We have had the opportunity to use both the Maternity and Dental facilities at this hospital with great results. Highly recommend Dr. Munzer for all your dental needs.

May, 2012
Maria Cristina

Working in a hospital and actually experiencing its services are two things that are as different as night and day. I delivered at the City Hospital, where I used to work, in 2011. Judging the scenario, this time as a patient, made me appreciate the fluidity and professionalism of all the staff who ‘handled’ me.

At 5am I was greeted warmly by the Accident & Emergency Reception staff, and within minutes I was wheeled into the Labour & Delivery Room. As a first time soon-to-be mom, I was lying on my back without the slightest shadow of a clue on how to do it right.

My midwife, Jane, came and she took my hand and told me not to worry. I remember her saying, “You don’t have to worry, sweetheart. I’ve done this over a hundred times. I’ll take care of you.” She told me how I should push so I wasn’t wasting all my energy for nothing.

Dr. Azizunnisa Shaikh came in and I delivered in less than 30 minutes, and after only THREE mighty pushes sans anesthesia.

I have nothing but heavenly commendations for both Jane and Dr. Azizunnisa. I will be forever thankful to both of them, for guiding me and shouting out words of encouragement during my hours in labour. I recommend Dr. Azizunnisa to every woman who wants wonderful antenatal, delivery and post-delivery care.

I could never have done it as miraculously ‘easy’ if it weren’t not for them and the rest of the support staff of the City Hospital Maternity Ward. Thank you for helping me deliver God’s most precious gift to me and my husband.

May, 2012
Janet Peters

We love the teams of Doctors that we’ve come in contact with at City Hospital. Our baby daughter was sick soon after being born, but they re-admitted her with no problems. There seem to be a lot of UK trained Doctors there.

March, 2012
Sammy J.

I had a good experience with City Hospital and saw Dr. Ibrahim there who is a wonderful professional and I would gladly go back to him in future.
I did my follow up during my pregnancy with him. He is so calm and very professional. The quality at City is following high standards. I also heard about Dr. Elsa. She is meant to be very good.

January, 2012

Yes, CH is a new hospital, but their doctors surely arent amateur.
I can personally attest that their maternity division is probably the most well trained in the city. If i remember correctly, Dr. Yulia is in that division and her expertise is highly valued & recommended.

I like how easy it is to find parking space at CH (i hope this wont be an issue even as the hospital gains more customers over time), i admire their doctors and nurses – very professional, but i would only recommend they look into improving their food selection at the cafeteria on the ground floor (besides the elevator).

October, 2009
Mr. AN

Great hospital, almost like a 5 star hotel, i stayed there for 6 nights and found their doctors and midwives very professional, courteous and caring. The food, TV and other facilities were state-of-the-art.

My only advice is to train the nurses a sufficiently. I received a call last week saying one of my treatments would not be covered by my insurance in the next appointment and i would need to pay at the hospital. I checked with my insurer and was informed that it is covered and i need not worry. I’m curious whether the nurses have been trained to practice this approach to collect higher revenue from patients or whether the nurse hadnt checked with the insurance provider accurately. Either way, this needs to be looked into.

All else is most pleasant.

August, 2009
Ms. Anderson

I was a bit skeptical about this hospital at first, as it was new and didnt have much expertise. But was pleased to find the doctors exceptionally professional and polite.

The only issue here are the nurses, some of them arent specifically trained in basic medical practice, like “blood sampling”. I had to wait for another nurse to come and draw blood as the first one was shaking and unaware with the task.

August, 2009

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