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Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

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Founded in 1998, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital is a multi-speciality medical facility providing attentive, cost-effective, quality care of an international standard. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced within their particular fields, and all out staff members are trained to be fully conversant with best customer care practices, quality in the delivery of services, patient feedback, consistency of service, courtesy and effective communication. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital was the first private Hospital in Dubai to receive the prestigious Dubai Quality Appreciation Award and the ISO 9001:2000 certification. The hospital also received the Joint Commission International Accreditation, which is the most widely accepted hospital accreditation award. We offer patients the best quality medical care and services by investing in the latest state-of-the-art technology, keeping abreast of ongoing research and developments in the medical field, building trust with our customers and analysing the needs of the communities we serve.

Activities & Expertise
Four operating theatres, a purpose-built endoscopic suite for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures relating to gastroenterological & liver diseases. A self-contained maternity complex, four delivery rooms & 16 Neonatal Intensive Care beds. 12-bed Intensive Care Unit, for adults and one paediatric bed with facilities for ventilatory management and total physiological monitoring. Medical imaging division with the latest MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, Mammography and Digital X-ray. Laboratory designed as a regional referral centre. A physiotherapy department and a special investigation facility for echo doppler studies, lung infection tests, electro-encephalogram, urodynamic studies and lithotripsy services. Vitreo retinal surgery, medical oncology, wound care clinic, orthotics and prosthetics and ambulance services.

  • Head Doctor Full Name : Hospital Director Mr. Sakkie van der Vyver
  • Accepted Insurers : Please see our website
Mediclinic Welcare Hospital


How was your Experience?

Nellie Swanepoel

Thank you for a professional service. You gave a new meaning in supporting patients with real interest and not let them feel like they are just a number! All staff members are friendly and helpfully. The doctors are extremely professional and well trained. Making a “sick” experience something joyful! It is really appreciated!

May, 2013

A very well equipped medical facility, highly qualified staff, friendly nurses and probably the best in the region. The only downside with Welcare is if you’re trying to find parking space by yourself, there’s rarely any space and you’d be best to just handover to the Valet.

May, 2012
Richard Clegg

In case of major trauma I would go for Welcare as they seem to be the only hospital really set up for major trauma here.

March, 2012
Pauline Q.

I had to attend TCH for food poisoning a few weeks ago. I am between jobs so had no insurance cover but they treated me with full transparency of all costs. They didn’t do anything that was wasn’t necessary I and feel I will entrust in them in the future. Good job!

March, 2012

I always use Welcare Clinic for things like colds, flu and stomach upsets which are all very common in our household. You can rely on them to offer good standards of treatment. Staff are always friendly.

March, 2012

Dr Naglaa has been my OBGYN for quite a while and all of my visits have not only been comfortable, but she really listens to your concerns and addresses them with solutions. She makes the exam quick and as comfortable as it can be. The woman at the front that makes appointments and does the billing is also really helpful and friendly. Always feel like I’m in good hands when walking into Welcare Hospital.

January, 2012

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